Tuesday, June 4, 2013


On May 19th, Will and Noah both received their Eagle Scout Award. What a huge accomplishment it was for both of them. Noah's Eagle Project was to clean the basements and organize several different churches in the area. Will's Eagle Project helped to assemble toy cars to go to humanitarian relief locations throughout the world.  He helped by sanding, painting and putting them together.

Before the Eagle portion of the Court of Honor, other Boy Scouts received a few awards and Merit Badges that they had been working on.  Jackson received his Tenderfoot, Second Class and First Class Ranks.

As the ceremony started Scouts of different ranks were called up to stand by their symbol. It was very interesting to watch the progression of scouting.

After the boys received their Eagles, they were able to hand out a Mentor Pin. Will chose Tom Monson and Papa Bill. Both were surprised and grateful to receive such an honor.

 Here is the Eagles nest with it's newest members.

Will's table with lacrosse, football, golf, longboarding, hunting and other Scout memorabilia.

Way to go Will!! We are so proud of you for reaching your goal and making this great accomplishment so early in your life. What a great example you are to your brothers!!