Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Craig's List

I am lovin' Craig's List! I use to have a love for ebay, but that is slowly dying. My three big boys went to Cali a few days ago and I have been going through their rooms and cleaning them out. Big time! Then, I went around the entire house finding little treasures that we no longer want or use. I am up to 22 items on Craig's list and almost half have already left to live with another family! YEAH! Strollers, DVD's, dressers, games, toys, bikes, scooters, craft crap, I mean stuff.....Just a little while ago on Scott's lunch break he met a guy and sold him this mini DVD player. We used it like 5 times. It's in great condition. That guy is happy, and we are too! Add another $25 bucks to my wallet! :)
Do you use Craig's List?

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Chandy said...

No, not yet. I have yet to do the "cleaning out" of the kids' rooms, but I'll definitely check it out. Glad you got some takers quick!