Friday, June 19, 2009

Creative and Inspiring

I wouldn't describe myself as a very creative or artistic person. I usually see something cute someone else has made or done and try to copy that the best I can. So, thank you to all my creative artistic friends out there! :)

I enjoy writing children's books. I have already written six, but it's been a long time since the last one was completed. I have those six printed out with cute pictures, laminated, and bound together (thank you Kinko's!). We really enjoy reading them over and over and the kids get a kick out of their mom writing all of them. It's a cute little series, "I Love it When..." I always use experiences from my family and use pictures of the boys. Some examples are: ...golfing, swimming, signing. I don't have any girl themed like ballet classes, or playing dress-up. At least not yet! :)

Well, the other day I was fooling around on the computer and came across the file entitled Children's Books. I opened it up and was floated with inspiration on a few new ideas. Right then and there I typed up another cute book. I also started scribbling down notes for three other books. I did feel very creative and I was defiantly inspired at that moment. It felt great. I enjoying writing about my adorable boys and the activities they enjoy doing.

Does anyone out there have a contact with a children's publishing co.?? I would love to show them what I got and share what more is still up in my imagination.


Alissa said...

That's awesome!!! I wish I could write a book! You are so talented!

Summer Spillane Jordan said...

i've actually looked into it. my sister wrote a book when she was younger about hating lima was priceless! her girlfriend did all the art but we never were able to find anyone to publish it. my dad is also a write of childrens books and has looked for years for a way to get them published. we started by just looking at the publishers that are on the books we love...sandra boynton? i love her little rhyming baby books! but there is no way to really contact them. keep looking and i'll look and let me know if you come up with anything! so fun!