Monday, June 1, 2009

The 2nd Day

The second day of scout day camp was equally as fun, it just started getting really tiring.

Our first ration was in the craft lodge where the boys made a cool pirates booty necklace to hold their jewels in it. There was sowing involved, so I did most of the work for my boys. It was still fun.
Next was Scott's location where we had races to see which team could blow with a straw their ping ball ball to the other side first. Scott kept switching up the teams and the direction, which made it even more fun!
We also had a soccer game in the middle of a rain storm, more swimming, bb guns, and archery.

That night they boys put on an adorable little skit. Will was the narrator. Tyler was a skeleton man that walked by a scary pirate and said a cute little remark. Jackson was a pirate that walked by the pirate too. They boys received an award for the best skit the last day of camp! YEAH!!

On the drive home, the boys all fell asleep again. It's a long day, but jam packed full of fun things to do. I just wish it wasn't so dang hot outside. I could of gotten a good tan!

There will be no day 3 of blogging about camp. I ended up not going. My babysitter bailed on me last minute, 1 hour before we were needing
to head out. I know suck-a-mongas! Which ended up being a good thing. I really enjoyed the time home with Brigham.