Sunday, September 13, 2009

They keep me laughing!

Oh man! My kids are so dang funny, especially Gavin these days. He makes me laugh, sometimes too much. He is turning out to be such a character, just like his older brother Jackson. I have two Jim Carey's living in my house. Just think, soon, they'll make me millions! :)

This morning were getting ready for church and Gavin had to wear Tyler's blazer jacket. As were heading out he asks me for an envelope. I'm in a hurry, so I don't question him why I just point over to my desk where they belong. He grabs one, turns to me and says, as he's folding it in half pushing it in the side pocket of his jacket, "Mom, look. I'm just like Dad!" HA! That's so funny because Scott always wears suits and people are always hading him their tithing slips. And where does Scott stash them? In his suit coat!

The other morning Gavin wanted breakfast, and Scott asked if he wanted cereal. "No, I want eggs. Like at Nana's house!" That means he wants eggs with cheese on it. Scott had no idea what that meant, but after asking me I explained it to him. How cute of him to remember that. He sure does love his Nana!

I have been a little scattered brained lately, which I am totally blaming on being pregnant. We all got in the car the other day and as we are about to move forward, I remind the kids to put their seat belts on. What I said was, "Gavin, we're about to go so hurry and put your pull-up on!" I didn't even realize I said it until after the boys were laughing and they had to tell me what I just said.