Thursday, September 24, 2009

Jackson turns 8

This is an extra special birthday for our little Jackson, 8 years old! He's been talking about being baptised and attending Scouts for several months now. I am thrilled that he is excited to do these things. He, like Will, wanted to go to Peter Piper Pizza. And Papa was in town so it made the day even more special for the little guy. Earlier at school everyone wished his happy birthday and I brought in special cookies for him to pass out. He loved the gifts everyone picked out for him and all of us had a great time eating pizza that night. His official birthday was September 17, and his party wont be until October. It will be combined with Tyler's on Jackson's baptism weekend.


Alissa said...

What a special birthday! I bet he's SOOO excited to be getting baptized soon! What a cutie!!!

Angie B said...

Happy Birthday to a VERY special boy! The big 8! WOW! We love you! Wish we could see you be baptized! I'm sure it will be very special! xo