Monday, September 28, 2009

Now that's just sad!

Nice floating baby with a big fat ZERO next to it! 0 days to go until my baby comes....hmm. If the baby-o-meter says the baby boy Thompson is suppose to be here, he should be here! I wish it was that easy!
I have mixed emotions about this whole thing. I am very excited to meet the little guy and kiss those chubby checks, but I really believe he'll come when he's ready to come. Bu, all my babies have been early. All of them have been 9-10lb-ers! I kinda thought maybe something was wrong with this little guy, but yesterday at church I was comforted and realized that I was wrong and that everything is fine. I've tried everything, and stopped doing all that stuff a couple days ago. He'll come when he comes. But then I have contraction, strong ones, every 5 minutes. Every 2 minutes for an hour plus....Then NOTHING. Nothing? I feel fantastic too! I have energy, I'm not that sore, and I keeping going! I am now wishing, hoping and praying to have strong contractions, to be in pain, enough pain so I can go to the hospital! Please pray for me that I will my contractions will increase and become too strong to bare so I can go to the hospital! :)


Zana said...

You are so good to wait for nature to take its course! Your baby boy is just too comfy, I'm wishing & hoping for you be in pain soon:)

Alissa said...

I agree with you, he'll come when he's ready:) We'll be praying!

Mamathom and Papathom said...

That little one knew you needed to get a couple birthdays out of the way; so he could have his own private one. This is his week. We are all anxious. Love you