Sunday, September 13, 2009

Vegetarian For a Week

I was watching this special on Fox news about obesity in America. It was pretty sad to watch. There was a debate with one side Vegan and the other side a very large woman. I am sad to report I don't remember the group she belonged to. I have friends that are vegan, and to me it's a little extreme. The other side was saying you can be any size you want as long as you're healthy. Well, I don't agree with that either. This lady was huge. There is no way she works out as much as she said she does. The mediator was telling how she's a vegetarian and how that's helped increase the healthy lifestyle into her life and her family. So, I thought I'd try it. I don't consider myself to be a carnivore, but I do enjoy meat. I also eat many meals without any meat in it. But, like I said I wanted to see if I could do it and how it made me feel afterwards.
It was totally easy to go veggie for a week. I saved a ton of $ when I went grocery shopping and didn't buy any meat products. I am surprised how much all that costs. I think I did eat too much carbs though. Lots of pasta. Yeah, there were also a ton of veggies and stuff. But, I ate a lot of carbs. I didn't feel different one way or the other, but I did realize (for myself) there is nothing wrong by adding a piece of grilled chicken or a fillet of fish to my plate every once in a while. On my last day, I totally forgot. I was at a restaurant in the evening with some friends and I ordered shredded beef tacos. After the first bite, I realized what I had done and said, "oh crap!" It was my last day! Oh well.
The boys ate mostly veggie for the week. There were a few meat items served with the school lunch and I told the boys it was okay to eat them. I wanted to test myself. I wanted to see if I had self control enough not to eat meat. Also I wanted to test myself on making new or different meals with my food limitations.
Are you a vegetarian? Do you eat meat with ever evening meal? Could you stop cold turkey and go vegetarian?


Summer Spillane Jordan said...

we got both ways...sometimes we're really good and all i buy is fresh fruits and veggies and then some rice and beans. when i eat like this i have so much more energy (i have issues with my thyroid so energy is a good, good perk to eating this way for me) there's a great book called fit for life. my mom raised us on its teaching which is you can eat some of everything...your body is meant to digest but it does it on different cycles. when you eat late at night you're interfering with and shortening the time it has to digest it all! you're supposed to eat all fresh fruits and juices in the morning and then veggies and fresh until almost 2. then, have a large mid day meal...then maybe some salad or something light for dinner. i tell you what! when you eat like this you have energy! it means you have to eat 5 smaller meals so i feel like i'm eating or feeding the kids all day but if you have quick stuff like sliced veggies or carrot sticks and fruit in the hand it's not too bad! so proud of you for doing it the week! it is a healthier choice as compared to eating so many prepared foods. that's where the damage is mostly done i think...not in a piece of meat once a week :)

Summer Spillane Jordan said...

AAAAHHHHH! i can't believe we're down to 14 days in the countdown!

Zana said...

I'm just patiently waiting for you to have another handsome boy! Do you ever go into labor early? I love being induced otherwise I go about 2 weeks overdue like my 1st.
So excited for you and hope you have another beautiful delivery:)

Brenton & Shannon said...

i stopped cold turkey and went vegetarian for 1 year. I ate tons of pasta and lots of cheese & sushi. I could never be vegan but it wasnt that hard cutting out the meats for that short period of time. i eat meat now and i must say.. i LOVE it! I lost almost 10 pounds in that year i went veggie.

Alissa said...

Good for you! I love meat too much, I'll probably never do it, but I think it's awesome that you tried it out! Sooooo excited for you to have that baby boy!!!!

Hansonpatch said...

I have done both, and I think that the advice of balance in all things is critical. A friend who is a vegetarian and who started gaining weight was asked by her doctor "have you ever seen a skinny cow?" Of course not, yet all they eat is grass. Moderation and thanksgiving is the key as well as activity, and something tells me that in the activity and energy department you are seldom lacking.