Friday, September 18, 2009

School Elections

This year at Liberty Arts Academy they had student elections for many of the grades to participate in. They had to make posters and prepare a speech. It was fun to see Will and Jackson both step up and want to join the student council. Will originally wanted to be treasurer because "I love money". But that position was offered to only 6th graders. So, he ran for Student Body Secretary. For the 3rd graders they could run for Flag Bearer, photographer or Historian. Jackson wanted to be the flag bearer because "I love the American flag!" I think I may have influenced him, in a good way, about the American flag and what it means to me. Regardless, I was still impressed with both my boys.

On the day of elections both were a little nervous to stand up in front of everyone and recite their speech. Will spoke in front of the entire school and did a real nice job. Jackson had to give his speech just to the 3rd graders in their classroom. He also did real well.
Here is a portion of Will's Speech:

"I am a very organized individual and would make a great secretary for the student council of liberty Arts Academy. I keep a journal at home, and love writing in it daily about the various activities I participate in. I enjoy keeping track of things and keeping a meeting running on a schedule."
Here is a snip it of Jackson's:
"I would love to be in the student council because I think it would be fun and I would learn a lot of new things. I love the American flag and have been taught to have a deep respect for our country's flag. In our home, everything is decorated in Americana; red, white and blue. My parents have taught me that it is important to take pride in our country and especially our flag."

I am pleased to report that both my boys won!!


Alissa said...

That's so cool! say congrats to the boys from us:) Awesome!

Summer Spillane Jordan said...

congrats guys! such great young men you are raising! tell them we're proud of them and know they'll do great!