Thursday, October 8, 2009

Cousin Time!

My sweet cousins, Aleigh, Kelsey, Brynnlee and Angie, from SLC came for a few days to visit all of us. It was sure fun having them all here! Gavin called them the ladies and the ladies mom. When we move to SLC next year they will only be a few minutes away from our place! We played games, ate some yummy food, watch conference and the Terry Fator movie, and did a little shopping.

THANKS for coming ladies! It was so much FUN having you guys here!!!!

Brynn's shirt looks like "I Love Nathan"! CUTE!

Cooper snuggling up with Kels.


Brynnlee said...
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Brynn said...

it was soo much fun! i loved seeing you guys and your new little nathan is so stinkin cute! i'm soo incredibly excited for you guys to move up here! i can't wait!! your whole family was so sweet to let us come and invade your house. by the way i love your house! come visit soon :) sure do love you all!!

Summer Spillane Jordan said...

so fun that they got to can georgia compete with the fun of cousins in SLC? :) love him in his pumpkin hat!