Sunday, October 18, 2009

Fire Safety Day!

At Home Depot there was a huge fire safety day. There was a fun and creative craft the boys made. It was a fire house money bank. There was a jumper, cotton candy, popcorn, carnival games, police cars, a firetruck to tour, and a fake house that the kids were able to practice escaping if it caught on fire. We met some of our other friends from our ward there. It was a fun and an informative event, especially with Nana and Papa there. Nana helped Jackson built his piggy bank, Papa helped Tyler, Scott helped Gavin, and Will made his himself. They got a few stickers and other little fire fighter trinkets.

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Deanna said...

You amaze me! Like the energizer bunny...can you feed me whatever it is that keeps you going? I need to get Keaton to Home Depot soon for one of these fun things. We have been going the last three weeks to make cheesey paper crafts at Lakeshore Learning. Glad you had a nice shower too, you deserve lots of goodness :)