Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Over the weekend Jackson and Tyler had a cowboy birthday party....Yes, we crammed a ton of stuff into a short weekend, but Nana and Papa were in town and wanted them to share in on the fun! Some of the kids didn't dress up, so we handed out bandannas and sheriff badges to them so they wouldn't feel left out.

We had 18 cowboys and cowgirls in attendance to the party. It was real fun to have a lot of Jack's and Ty's friends and family come and have some fun with them.

The kids had shooting competition on the wii. We made a huge poster with their names and score. It was a shooting tournament.

Each of the kids drew a self portrait of themselves for the wanted wall. Scott helped them make up cool western names.

We also had a rodeo where Scott was the wild n crazy bull. He put a belt high on his chest so the kids could hold onto it while they rode Scott. We timed each kid, and it was sure fun to watch Scott. What a character he is! His back and knees were sore after, but all the kids loved it! Jackson was the only kid who flew off....

What's a party without a pinata? I had that thing stuffed with candy! The boot fell off like 3 times it was so heavy!

The boys opened their gifts which was a lot of fun! They received a ton of fun toys they really liked. It was a fun party!


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Alissa said...

You're so cute Lori, I just love what you do for your boys:) Such a sweeeeeet looking party! FUN!!!