Sunday, January 9, 2011

9 days

I can't believe it's only January the 9th! It seems like it should be the very end of the month! But, it's not. I am having a FANTASTIC year so far! It couldn't be any better.

I have already completed the disgusting, terrible, horrific Master Cleanse. Thank goodness that is OVER! I wanted to go on the cleanse so I would stop drinking soda. My name is Lori Thompson and I am SODA FREE for 9 whole days! (May not seem that big of a deal, but I have to start somewhere!!) And I feel ggggreat! (Say that like Tony the Tiger!)

I am already in the beginning of 2 Nephi! I am really trying not just to read the words but really soak up the messages it's offering me. I have been really enjoying this time for myself.

I have completed Brigham's baby book from birth to 1 year!! It was so wonderful putting it all together and remembering when he was born and such a small baby. Where has the time gone?

Scott and I have decided to take a topic for a week or two and study, ponder, and search it out on our own and then talk about it together. This week it has been on faith.  I am remembering a few stories from my youth and mission as well as some scriptures I have come across in my daily scripture study. What a wonderful blessing to have such a great husband that we can do this together.

I am on track physically, spiritually, emotionally, and mentally!

2011 ROCKS!!