Friday, January 14, 2011


On Wednesday Tyler asked if Max could come over to our house after school and play, and I said sure. When he walked home later that day without his friend Max I thought his parents had changed their minds and didn't think more about it.
On Thursday I saw Tyler at school and he asked if Max could come to our house. Again I said sure, but he could only stay until 4:30 since he has swim team. Thursday was a half day and at around 1pm Mrs. Miller (Tyler's teacher) called and said, "Tyler said it was okay for Max to come to your house, but I just wanted to make sure that was okay with you". Weird. I told her that would be fine. She then asked if I could come pick them up. I then explained to her I lived two streets away from school and they could easily walk home. Mrs. Miller then said the craziest thing, "It's too heavy for Tyler to carry home. What if I bring him by in an hour or so"!!!! WHAT?
I agreed, not really knowing or understanding what the heck I just
agreed to.
Tyler walked in the door a few moments later and was kinda of mad. I asked what was wrong and he said that he couldn't bring him friend, Max, home today. I asked, "Is Max a person?" "No, duh, mom!"
Come to find out Tyler's dear friend, Max is a Hamster. (I didn't even know that class had a pet hamster!!) This entire time I'm thinking a little friend of Tyler's in his class. Silly me!
For those of you that really know me, know that I do NOT like any kind of small animal. No rats, mice, snakes, lizards, spiders, hamsters, guinea pig.....Yuck. And know I am stuck with Max for Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday and Tuesday! (No school Friday or Monday! )Perfect weekend to have him! Lucky me!
The boys are having a ball with him. They put Max in this little ball thingy and he cruises all over the house. He's not that bad. Kinda his cage!

Scott came home a few hours later and looked on the kitchen table and there was Max and his glass cage. Scott thought I bought him for the boys! He was shocked and surprised by my generosity!



Kara Miller said...

He is so cute!!!

Summer Spillane Jordan said...

that's so great! i love that he's his friend and never mentioned that he was a hamster...just like boys :) so glad he gets to visit for a while ;)