Monday, January 17, 2011

Swim Meet

 Last Saturday was Jackson's and Tyler's FIRST swim meet....and they did great! Each child swam in 3 different heats. To keep it all clean and organized, they wrote on their arm what races they were suppose to compete in. Tyler chose to race in the 25 free, 50 free and 25 breast. Jackson chose the 25 free, 50 free and 25 fly. They raced in heats with other boys their age.

 Here is Tyler is his very first race! (with the colorful goggles) He did great! Both Jackson and Tyler said they felt like super stars when everyone was yelling their names and cheering them on!
 Below is Jackson racing in the 25 butterfly! That's the hardest stroke, and he too did really well.

One of the races Tyler came in third and I kept saying how great that was. Then he says, "mom there were only three of us racing!" We wrote down their times and will track it for them. Hopefully next meet they can improve their times! Great job boys!!