Thursday, January 27, 2011

Jedi Training Party ideas

Hey everyone! I am needing your help to plan out Gavin's 4th birthday party. I LOVE planning parties! I shoulda been a party planner when I grew up!!

The theme this year is "Jedi Training Academy" party!! Have you been to Disneyland and attended the Jedi Training there? SOOOO much fun! I read on some blogs of some cute ideas, but I need to add and change it up a bit.
I have made a cute homemade invite, I plan on making (small) cloaks the children wear (and have), we plan on serving pizza and Yoda Juice (Sprite with a scoop of Lime Sherbet), do a mini training (with Scott's help) and then Darth Vader (Will) will come out and everyone gets their chance to "fit" him, a pinata (of course!!) and....What? I need some more game ideas!! What do you think??


NIKOL said...

I can't believe you're having pizza when clearly this occasion calls for Boba Fett-uccine.

Zana said...

Sorry, I have no game ideas for boys...yet. And responding to your last couple of posts lets just say that I see you as a mama of seven b/c you're the kind of woman who takes on a challenge and can obviously handle it.

By the way...I still remember a few of your workout ensambles from freshman year, do you still have 'em??? :)

rachel said...

Awesome. I printed off some masks I just put in printable star wars masks in the search engine and they look really cool on picture paper.
You could do a version of hot and cold and hide something/maybe a lightsaber or glow sticks and tell them when "the force is strong" with them. Or weak. May the force be with you! You do a great job with your paries.