Wednesday, August 31, 2011

"Born to Run"

A few of my friends and I headed down to Orem to take this running class that teaches you different techniques. (My cousin went there and I already wrote about her experience here) The class was great and we had a fun time.

Here are the main points I learned:

  • Stride length does not mean speed. Light, soft, quick. (relax!)
  • Run with your chest lifted just a bit, being proud.
  • Thumbs up hands relaxed and don't let your elbows go in front of your waist. No twisting.
  • Run barefoot, that is almost a perfect form. Try to incorporate that style with shoes on.
  • Time yourself. In 20 seconds your right foot should take 30 steps. Go to and download your music to be 180 beats and run to that.

The next morning I started "Born to Run". WOWZA!! The first part of the book is great, the middle goes off on a few tangents, but then the end is awesome. My running class talked about the same things as the book. But the book gave more examples and was so helpful.

Here are the main parts of the book that jumped out to me:

(pg. 203)
  • Tie a rope around your waist while someone holds on and you take off, then he let's go. That helps your chest stay lifted (pride posture)
  • Keep your feet under your body, your hips driving straight ahead, and your heels out of the picture.
  • Everyone is built for running. (We run when we're excited. We run towards something. We run when were afraid. We run away from things.)
  • Should you cut some weight before you run...? No your diet will change all by yourself after you run.

(pg. 204)
  • Watch kids at a playground running around. Their feet land right underneath and they push back. perfect form.
  • 180 beats in a minute (30 steps in 20 seconds)
  • Easy, light, smooth.

(pg. 207)
  • Train your body to burn fat instead of sugar. The longer your limited sugar tank is going to last.
  • The way to activate your fat-burning furnace is by staying below your aerobic threshold-your hard breathing point.
  • Occasionally breath with your mouth closed.

(pg. 208)
  • The faster you can run comfortably the less energy you'll need.
  • Speed means less time on your feet.
  • Get strong while getting lean.

  • Salad for breakfast. (I know it sounds totally weird! BUT, it seems spot-on as you learn why!!)
  • If you get leafy greens in your body first thing in the morning (it fills you up but you can still run right after. It also has a lot of water to help hydrate your body) you'll lose a lot of weight.
  • Back straight (pride), knees bent and driving forward.

I injured my knee a few weeks ago and could hardly walk, seriously so painful. It was right when I started in to this running thing. I wanted to start running, but I couldn't. I went to Education Week at BYU and wobbled around the campus in so much pain. A week after that was the running class. We had to run around the building 3 times and they video taped up. Oh man I thought I was going to faint with pain.

Then, I finished the book, "Born to Run" and was excited to get out there on the road and RUN! So last night Scott and mapped out a 2 mile loop and off we went. I ran down my street, remembering all the little techniques, over to the other street and then I stopped running. My knee was hurting pretty bad, again. BOO!  I was so mad! All I want to do is RUN and I can't! Scott kept running and I finally caught up to him at the top of the next street. (Way to go Scott!!) We changed our route to just a mile (A stupid little mile!!!) On the way back down our street, Scott was almost home, and I decided to take my shoes off. I ran all the way home. Without stopping. Without pain. In the correct form, (well, as correct as I could holding my shoes!) WOW! I felt great. I wanted to keep running all night. I use to HATE running!! After the class ( in Orem. $5 bucks for 2 hours of great info!!!) and after reading "Born to Run" and after what happened last night, I AM A RUNNER! I LOVE RUNNING! I will LOVE WHAT IT DOES TO MY BODY!

If you're experienced or a beginner, read "Born to Run"! So much great information!


Patrick and Jennifer Thompson said...

YEAH!!!! I love running......I am deffinately going to read this book, you taught me so many things I did not know.

NIKOL said...

There are a few different books called Born to Run (I just did a quick look at Barnes & Noble's site). Who's the author?

Lori Thompson said...

Christopher Mc Dougall