Friday, August 12, 2011

Two Peas in a Pod

The title is kinda corny when you find out who I'm talking about...You may have guessed it, it's Scott and I. But really, we are perfect for each other! He is, and always has been, my knight in shining armor. He fills in where I fall short and I fill in for him where he needs it.

Scott has an extremely busy crazy schedule. (Like always!) We ALWAYS talk on the phone, text, IM, send an e-mail several times a day to each other. No MATTER WHAT!
When I need him to help me with something he'll drop whatever he's doing and come to my aid. He is such a great guy and I love him so much. That's why these past 3 days have been VERY hard. He is backpacking with the scouts (his new calling is Scout Master) way up in the mountains where there is NO cell phone coverage. Now, we've been married well over a decade and this is only (thankfully) the second time this has happened. The first was while he was traveling to Johannesburg South Africa.

I miss him.

Then, to top it off Jackson and Tyler are still in California with my mom, and Will is with Scott. It's Gavin, Brig's and Naters here with me. We've had fun but I miss Scott.

Nathan pooped in his swimming suit AFTER we went swimming the other day. I wanted to yell out, "Scott! Nathan needs to be changed!" And he would of done it in a heartbeat. I had to do it. Yuck!

I miss Scott.

While in Santa Barbara I took some photos of a large family at the beach. I'm trying to open them up in Photo Shop Elements and having some minor troubles. "Scott! Can you help me on the computer!" And he would of figured it out in 10 minutes top. I plugged away and finally figured it all out 2 hours and 3 YouTube videos later.

I miss Scott.

Nathan is at that age where he is a little tornado. Right after I clean up a certain area I turn around to find another mess. When I  have completed cleaning that area I'll turn back around and now it's messy over there. My back is starting to hurt from leaning over picking up toys, food, stuff. "Scott can you either play with Nathan or clean this area up for me?" And he would of. He'd probably take Nate to play with and I'd clean up the mess, but later that night while watching tv in bed, he'd rub my back.

I miss Scott.

I do miss all these physical things Scott does for me and the family. But I miss talking with him on the phone. I miss receiving texts from him periodically throughout the day. Nothing major has happened, I just tell him everything.

I miss Scott.

I miss my best friend.

He comes home in 24 hours from now! YEAH!


Clarissa B. said...

this is so sweet! I miss my hubby too, he is also camping, with no cell phone reception. Sad.

PS I loved your post about sliding at the Zoo, I totally miss your family!

Summer Spillane Jordan said...

i feel your pain! hang in there lady! i always tease jace that even though i can't talk to him i feel his vibes of love...i also leave a million messages on his poor phone so when he CAN get coverage he is forced to listen to everything he missed :) just know he's surely missing you just as much if not more!

Angie said...

Ohhh... Belle! This is so sweet and I can attest, SO true! This "almost" makes me want to get married! But then again.. how many Scott's can there really be out there, right? xo

Stephanie Shumway (and family) said...

aww that's so cute! I was gone this weekend, too, except it was our anniversary... LOL! BTW I had to sheild my eyes from the naked man-chest. Why you postin that stuff on here? I thought this was a family-page! ;)