Monday, August 8, 2011


Solvang is a cute little quaint town that is filled with small bakeries and many, many tourists. I looked like one while there as I snapped several shots of store fronts. I love going to Solvang because it's so cute. i feel like I was transported to a small village (with many tourists) in the middle of Denmark some where. I love the architect. I love the cute mom and pop stores. I love with pastry shops.  This is my FAVORITE treat. I am not even sure of it's name!

Another great thing to do in Solvang is shop at the fabric store. ALL fabric is a mere .99 cents a yard. There are several rooms with bolts and bolts of different types of fabrics. A lot of it is funky weird fabric, but I always find some material I can use. You cut your own. It's based on the honor system. I always find a few treasures there.

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Stephanie Shumway (and family) said...

YAY!!! Wait! holy crud I still owe you from the last batch of fabric you got me from Solvang! DOH!