Monday, August 22, 2011

First Class and Camping

 Last Thursday night Will received his First Class (not really sure what that is or what that means! All this Scouting lingo is so foreign to me!!) Anyways, he is on his way to receive his Eagle on his 13th birthday! It's something he wants to do, so we support him. (Little Scott Junior!)

 All the boys in his troop received an average of 6 awards! It was a great meeting! Will also received 10 other awards that he and Scott has relentlessly been working on. (Scott is the new Scout Master...and LOVES it!!)

 Cute Brig's is wearing the Bishop's cool hat. Brig's and the Bishop have a special relationship. It's adorable to watch them, interact!
 Last week they troop headed out on a long hike and camp out. Will took the small camera so mom could blog about it! Such a good son! Here are a few of the boys fishing. The fished everyday and ate it that night for dinner.

 Here's Brother Aldus teaching Will to fly fish!

Way to go Will!!