Monday, August 22, 2011

First Day of School!

 Last night was a special evening for us. The night before school Scott gives each of the boys a Father's Blessing. They look forward to this and were excited for their opportunity. We also have to have FHE on Sunday nights because Scott pulls a double on Monday's. Jackson was in charge last night and did a great job. Teaching us about the First Vision. He planned out the whole lesson. I was very proud of him and how mature he introduced the topic and read from the scriptures. After, were the blessings and then family prayer. The boys also picked out their new outfits and packed their backpacks.

 Will is in the 7th grade at Evergreen Jr. High school! He met up with a couple of his friends and they rode their bikes to school. Of course I followed snapping some shots of the first day of this big adventure! I am excited for Will and know he'll make the transition smoothly.

 Jackson is in the 5th grade with Mrs. Rato. Tyler is in the 3rd grade with Mrs. Budge at Rosecrest Elementary school. (Gavin will attend kindergarten next week!)


Patrick and Jennifer Thompson said...

The boys are getting sooooooo big. Hope they have fun on the first day of school. As for the Snow, we are hitting records highs this week, can I come visit???

Ali said...

My dad and all my aunts and uncles went to Evergreen (along with a bunch of my cousin)...I think Will is going to rock those hallowed halls. Let's just hope he is a better student than Kyle, Abbie, & Daisy's Papa was! Go Evergreen!!!!!!!