Thursday, August 11, 2011

Sliding at the Zoo!!

The second week of vacation Jackson and Tyker had Zoo camp and the other boys went to different camps around towm. Santa Barbara offers so many wonderful camps for the boys to participate it! We sure loving spending time there!
There is this cool hill in the playground area at the zoo. People bring cardboard and can slide down the hill. Well, it's a lot of fun. We always stay for an hour or so sliding down it. FUN!!

Will is more daring and always rides the hill down while standing. Like he's snow boarding. So I gave it a try. I went very slowy inching myu way down. I do not want to fall and get injured, I have too many children to worry about!

The back side of the hill is much steeper and goes faster. It also goes much faster when you have a lot of people that go at the same time. The extra weight made us fly down! It was fun!

My mom even tried it a few times. That is a different post all in itself. Oh man, those pictures are funny!

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Summer Spillane Jordan said...

they're great! i love that you're the BEST boy mom in the world :)