Thursday, August 11, 2011

Jr. High...Say What?!

 My baby Will is 11 years old and heading to JUNIOR HIGH! Wild! He will be attending Evergreen Jr. High, just a couple blocks away from our house. We went the other day to get his class schedule, find his home room, walk around to find all his classes and to find his locker.

Here is his class schedule:
Physical Education
Science GT (Gifted and Talented)
Tenor, Chorus
CTE Intro (Shop, home economics.)
History GT
Pre Algebra honors
English GT

He has 2 classes up stairs. The stairs are right next to his locker. He plans on riding his bike to school with a few other friends. I know he'll have a great time there. I love Jr. High. I loved high even more. And I especially loved college. I'm not worried about him at all, it just makes me a little sad to see his growing into a young man.

**Side note about Evergreen Jr. High. When my mom was a little girl she lived on Evergreen (the street south of the school). She would cross the street and play in a huge field all the time. Then, they started building on that open play area. They build Evergreen Jr. High. My mom, Will's Nana, watch Evergreen being build. Now her oldest grandson is attending there!!

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rachel said...

That's kind of crazy! Best of luck Will!