Friday, October 14, 2011


 Jackson, Tyler and Gavin started basketball a few weeks ago. They have practice once a week and games every Saturday. They all seem to enjoy playing and practicing at home. Scott and I bought them each a basketball to practice drills and shooting.

 Tyler usually scores 3-4 times each game! He's a maniac out there!
 Gavin's team does a lot of drills and teaching them the fundamentals of the game. The kid he's practicing with looks waaay too big to be playing in Gavin's league!

 During the games the other brothers get a little bored! They enjoy playing on my phone...
 Scott co-coaches Jackson's team. (Surprise, surprise Jackson's team doesn't have a coach! EVERY sport Jack plays he NEVER has a couch and Scott always has to step up and fill in! What is with that?!?!)
Jackson enjoys playing, he just doesn't have the enthusiasm like the other brothers.
There are 4 more weeks of this season and then another basketball season begins. Not sure if the boys are wanting to play more or be on swim team again. We'll see!