Friday, October 14, 2011

Sun Flowers!

 I planted a bunch of sun flowers all over the yard in the springtime. Most of them I have picked and I am starting to dry them out. The heads on these are HUGE! A couple of my neighbors said they've never been able to grow them so large before...Cool!

There are so many of them and about 5 others I need to cut down soon!


Summer Spillane Jordan said...

you get the stalks were huge and are thus still IN my garden because i can't get them out, but yours are even bigger than ours! what are you putting in that soil of yours? i still have a bucketfull because i don't know what to do with mom sprouts hers in soil and eats them, some bake them...what are your plans?

rachel said...

WOW! Those are huge!! sunflower seeds yum!

Zana said...

Oh how I wish for friends with fruit trees! We had to order our fruit but canning has been so fun, I love looking at those pretty jars. I also borrowed a dehydrater & got on a high of wanting to dry everything in my kitchen...we would have had some fun doing it together :)