Monday, October 24, 2011

Craftin' Away...

 It was a long 4 day weekend (YEAH!!) and the family and I spent most of the time having fun! We went to the movies, the zoo, some went camping, working on Reflection entrees (more on that later), reading and crafting. I made that cute witch (above) which was a lot of fun. My friend in the ward cuts wood out. I panted it, sanded it and stained it. (It's missing a cute crescent shape for the hat...darn kids!)
 These two (cut out by the same friend) were made last week in a Relief Society craft night activity. Easy and fun!

 I also made this cute board over the long weekend. Again, it was simple to make and fun!
I haven't had much time lately to craft, so this was a rare occasion. I have a few more Halloween things to do and several Christmas ones I want to complete this season. Cross your fingers I can get to them all!!

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Angie said...

Soo cute! Great job on the extra ones you did with and without us! You're an awesome crafter!