Friday, October 14, 2011

Dried Apples

 Our neighbors are huge gardeners around here. I LOVE it! We barter some of our produce to each other and give a bunch of it away. The neighbor across the street has peaches and pear trees.  I bottled a ton of pears and made pear sauce with it. YUM! One of my neighbors next door had a ton of extra apples. I made a bunch of canned applesauce and we decided to dry the rest of them. It took only a couple of hours and it was a fun project. All the kids were involved!

 One of my other neighbors made this dehydrater many, many years ago. We borrowed it to dehydrate the apples. It took about 20 hours and we ended up with 2 huge zip lock bags FULL of apples! YUM!


Summer Spillane Jordan said...

okay, i have a task for your hubby...see if you guys can figure out the schematics of that dehydrator :) i knew you could make your own but i haven't figured out a good/cheap way! that looks great!

Stephanie Shumway (and family) said...

Who the heck is that skinny kid????? lol your boys are growing up too fast, lady!