Friday, October 14, 2011

Second Preschool For Brigs

Brigham attends the preschool right next door in Miss Dana's basement only 2 days a week. He started that a few weeks ago. Well, he wants to go more often. But, he's only 3 and can't. So we decided to have him attend the 3 year old preschool at Rosecrest (the boys elementary school) where Gavin went last year. Brigs goes to that school 2 times a week as well, and LOVES them both!
His first day of Rosecrest preschool was last Monday. He did great.

Right away he knew where to hang his backpack, find his name badge and cubby. He also knows both of the teachers real well and of course, where all the toys and books are located in the room! Such a good, happy kid! Sure love him!