Friday, October 21, 2011

Gymnastics Training Center

 (Please excuse the terrible pictures! My camera has been giving me trouble and unfortunately I don't have any great shots from the awesome party!! UGH!)

For Tyler and Jackson's birthday party we rented out the gymnastics Training Center right by our house. It was super fun! We had 45 kids and 25 adults in attendance!! Here is Tyler jumping of the mats into the foam pit. The most popular activity at the center.

 I jumped in a handful of times, which was really fun. It took forever to claw myself out of it though!
 Here's Greg jumping! The kids and adults had a BLAST!!
 Cute Nathan and his cousin John were the biggest dare devils of them all! They both would jump in over and over and over again! They were so cute to watch!
Here's my mom even trying it!

Thanks everyone for coming and spending this special evening with us!


Josh & Elise said...

Looks so fun! Your hair looks super cute too. We miss you all!

Angie said...

Such a fun party!! So grateful you don't have any photos posted of me "trying" to get out of the pit!!! Not graceful at ALL!!!

Brynn said...

Such a fun party! Thanks so much for inviting us! Love ya tons!!