Friday, October 14, 2011

Zoo Passes...Finally!

 We FINALLY bought our zoo passes for the year! The Hogle Zoo came out with a new policy where you can combine families on your passes! So, one of my cousins and I bought our passes together! Each card gets in 6 kids and 2 visitors, unlimited train and unlimited carousel rides!!
 The last time we went to the zoo was almost a year ago and cute Nathan didn't remember it at all. He was so cute to watch. He got so excited to see all the animals! He's checking out the cute baby elephant.

 This guy is a little bit freaky! I had to give him/it a double take...but then figured out it was two giraffes standing in a peculiar place! Weird!

After riding the carousel numerous times, playing in the playground and walking around the entire zoo...The kids were beat. It was a fun day!

PS thanks Will for helping me tremendously that afternoon! I am so proud of Will in how he (usually) steps up and helps me out!! Love you bud!