Sunday, November 6, 2011

Cell Phone Pictures

 Some of this is repetition, but I wanted to include some of the shots off my cell phone. Above and below are some shots for Nightmare on 13th for Tyler birthday. He was so excited about going, super scared inside, but after was happy he went!

 My garden was incredible this year! Tons and tons of tomatoes, broccoli, cabbage, corn, peppers, onions...Delicious! I am already excited to plant in the spring!
 Craft night with my fabulous cousins! I love them all! We had a blast crafting and chatting!
 We headed to the zoo with some family and friends and it was a perfect day! The weather was great and the company was too!
 Train ride! Our passes include unlimited train and carousal rides! Nice!
 Here are most of the kids in our group! My cousin Bubbles brought two of hers, I have 6 and Michelle brought her 4! Fun day!
 Crazy hair day at school for Red Ribbon Week!
 Check out these HUGE carrots! These are crazy big! We ate some and they are so goog! We had so much fun pulling them out. We had to use a shovel on a few of them!
 Naters cruisin' up and down our long driveway! He's chillin'!
Will and I headed to Old Navy a few days ago when they had their huge sale. Winter clothes for all of us! He's such a cool kid and was a huge help trying to find different sizes for all the boys!

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Summer Spillane Jordan said...

what??? a boy that loves to shop, or at lest doesn't mind so much??? i'll let madi know :)