Sunday, November 6, 2011

Fall Festival and HUGE pumpkins!

 There is a large park near our home and they hold an annual fall festival full of fun activities for the kids. The very last thing is the pumpkin drop that the fire fighters do. It was so fun to watch!

 Cute Brig's leavin his preschool Halloween party. They made these adorable cereal box candy holders. They covered the box with orange construction paper and added a face for a pumpkin.
 Later that night the YM and YW made different Halloween inspired dishes. His group made eye ball dessert and that nasty looking worm thing. (Pork roast wrapped in bacon and then they placed tiny pasta inside for the teeth) They did a great job, it just looked discusting!

 8 of the boys started wrestling Scott. I was pretty impressed...Scott held his own! The boys get a long great with Scott as their Scout Master. He loves the calling too!
 We were driving around running errands and this is what we saw! A large pick-up truck with this HUGE pumpkin inside! We followed them until they parked at a local park for a pumpkin contest. They said this pumpkin weighed 1,186 lbs!!!
On our way to another Halloween party! What a fun time of year!