Monday, November 21, 2011

Itty Bitty Basketball

 All the fall sports are coming to an end, part of me is relived and part of me wishes it cam continue. I signed up Brigs for a three month three sport activity at the Lion's Club. September he played T-ball, October he played soccer and November he's been playing basketball. It's funny to watch these 3 year old's "play" basketball! They have fun drills to help kids at that age!

 Throwing a balloon up in the air and catching it is one of the stations.
 Passing a ball back and forth is another station. I love this picture. Look closely how Gavin knows I'm snapping shots and he's smiling away as he keeps passing the ball back and forth. Now, look at Brigham. Nice nickel slot!
It's adorable to see how low the hoop was and the kids still hardly made it in! Brigham held his own considering he's a literally a head above the other kids!