Thursday, November 3, 2011

Reflections- Diversity Means...

 This year the theme for Reflection was/is "Diversity Means..." It was fun searching different ideas with the boys. I had each of the boys choose two categories to submit. Here is every ones photography.
Tyler took the above photo of Gavin holding colorful M&M's.
 Here is Jackson's photos of apples, my favorite by the way!
 Here is Gavin's photo (with a little help from Will!)
 Here is Will's photo of the eggs. Below is another photo Will took of one of our chickens. It's not part of the Reflections entries, but it was a beautiful shot!
Those are the photographs they each took and they also had to choose another category as well. Will wrote up an article. Jackson made this cool material pattern, Tyler drew his hands in all different colors and Gavin drew lines with many different colors. (I'll take pictures of those and show you later!)The younger boys already found out who made it onto the next level. Gavin's BYU/U photo, and Jackson's material collage. YEAH! Great job boys! Will's deadline is next we'll see!

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rachel said...

Love all of these. I am such a visual person and I completely loved all of their representations of diversity;)