Thursday, November 3, 2011

Kelsey's BIG day!

 Here is beautiful Kelsey and her new husband Colten on their BIG day!!
 Kelsey's Papa is in England serving a mission and wasn't able to attend, but this web cam was great!

 This is where Kel gets her good looks from, her mom Angie!
 Brynnlee, her older sister, and boyfriend Zac. They too make a great lookin' couple!
 Later that night at the reception!
 The Boyce's and good friends with Alex Boye! He didn't only come, he DJ'd and sang. It was a party!

Congratulations Kelsey! We love you!

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Brynn said...

Good job Belley boo!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE the pic of Zak and I. Also, the picture where we are all can see Zak take a picture on the other I have the opposite view from that pic..lame comment I know. Anyways..Good job on the pics! Love ya tons!!!