Monday, November 21, 2011

Reading away...

I've never been an avid reader, but lately I can't get through a book fast enough to start another one! I love reading! I read every chance I get! I am still reading from my kindle, which I LOVE!!! (I've seen some black Friday ads and the kindles are cheap! YOU SHOULD GET ONE!! We're getting one for Will and Jackson for Christmas!)

Here is a list of books I've been reading lately...I think last I blogged about books I was in the middle of "Borrowed Light" It was cute, it was easy, it was an LDS romance novel.  ****

Breaking Dawn- The last few chapters. I intentionally didn't finished this book because I wanted to see the movie. But, as the movie fast approached I became inpatient and read the ending. WOWZA! Can't wait to watch the movie! ****

Four to Score by Janet Evanovich. Number 4 was a little racier, I loved it! I read and reread a certain part several times to Scott, Angie, Bubbles and other friends! It was so good! ****

The Last Olympian, a Percy Jackson #5 book written by Rick Riordan. I read the others as my boys read them and we watched the movie together. They're easy, mythical, and a fun read to read with your kids or as a family! ****

The Peach Keeper by Sarah Allan. Not an LDS novel, but could be. A nicely written novel about friends family and secrets. ****

The Big Stone Gap by Adriana Trigiani. Umm, honestly I didn't finished this book. It was recommend to me from a few different friends, but I just couldn't get into it. I'll try to finish it later, maybe when they movie is about to come out! :) **

Foggy with a Chance of Murder by G.G. Vandagriff, an LDS romantic mystery. It was interesting. It wasn't the norm LDS fiction, so I liked it. Even Scott reads it after me! ****

Captive Heart by Michele Paige Holmes. Another cute LDS romance novel. It was cute and easy to read, but it's really the same story with different character names. ***

The Help by Kathrine Stockett. I needed a non-LDS book about now and this was the perfect pick! I LOVED this book. A deep message with endearing characters that tug at your heart strings. Just last Saturday Scott, Bubbles, Greg, Meghan, Kristen, Nicole, Angie and went to see it. It was well done! (more on this later!) ****

Born to Run by Christopher Mcdougall. I blogged about this already, incredible! Great read for anyone, everyone. Even if you hate to run! Very informative and inspiring! ****

The Wanderer (Shadows of Brierly #1 by Anita Stansfield. This is set in the lush highlands of nineteenth-century Scotland. Filled with past regrets and new beginnings, this volume is an journey toward faith and peace—a sweeping emotional experience from start to finish. Because it was written with character from Scotland I too talked like them while I wasn't reading! My kids think I'm a little coo-coo! ****

Man, these are a lot of books!

Not My Type by Melanie Jacobson. SUPER cute! An older gal, who broke off her engagement, decides she wants to be a writer. She has no interest in dating or guys for that matter, but is hired to write a dating article! ****

The Perfect Fit by Michele Bell. This is the third book in a series, which I figure out half way through! Woops! The first half the main gal is on a dating show, like The Bachelor. The second half someone is trying to kill her. I enjoyed the first half, last part was weird. Ended too quickly. ***

The Kitchen Boy by Robert Alexander. This isn't usually a book I'd chose, but it was intriguing! It's fascinating story of the final days of Nicholas and Alexandra as seen through the eyes of the Romanovs’ young kitchen boy, Leonka. It also tells of a strong love and bond between a family. Highly recommend! ****

Sarah's Key by Tatiana de Rosnay. Another incredible story about a fictitious family in a real event that took place that sadly I never knew about! I just requested this movie from the library! Can't wait to see it!  ****

The book I started last night is High Five by Janet Evanovich. I was missing Stephanie and all her shenanigans!


Stephanie Shumway said...

Are you talking about me or a Stephanie in the book? lol

Chandy said...

Enjoy all the books! I'm still trying to read all the ones the kids keep choosing. But I think I'll start on the Hunger Games and Alex Rider series.