Monday, June 21, 2010

Bubbles is visiting!!

My cousin Michele (who goes by her nick name Bubbles) flew into the Santa Barbara airport last week and stayed with us for 5 wonderful days!! My mom didn't know about it and we surprised her. I met my mom at Costco and we were walking around and Bubbles was hiding from her. Then, my mom kept walking right past her. I was laughing so hard! Bubbles grabbed a huge plant and walked right into my mom and then showed her face as she was apologizing. My mom screamed so dang loud everyone stopped and stared at us! It was a great surprise! We went to the farmer's market, the beach, out to dinner, played out in the back yard, stayed up way too late playing games, help decorate afor a wedding, went for walks....and many other fun fun things.

THANKS Bubbles for coming! We miss you already!!