Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Myth Busters

All my boys enjoy the show, Myth Busters, especially my oldest Will. When we arrived at Nana's house in Santa Barbara one of the first things he asked for were two phone books. He sat in the living room with the two books open and folded the pages of the phone books over each other, one at a time to look like this: After he was half way through, he asked Jackson to pull as hard as he can. Both pulled and pulled and pulled. Nothing happened. Will said on the show they folded the entire book into another book and it wouldn't come apart. They even drilled holes into the side, put chains through them and pulled them apart (or tried to) with vehicles. Crazy, it totally works. My mom and I tried it too and it didn't even budge. I told Will he has a great Science experiment for next year!!


Becca said...

Way cool we might even steal that one for one of our experimants this next year. Thanks for sharing. Good job Will for not just believing what you see on tv.

Summer Spillane Jordan said...

so cool! now we're gonna have to actually keep a phone book when it arrives :)

Zana said...

too fun!

quick question...since you are regulars to Sea World, do you know of any good discounts? We're heading there in a week or so & saving is always good :)


DoryQueen said...

We love watching Mythbusters too and I saw that show. How fun that the boys decided to try it. It is amazing!