Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Give a Day...Get a Day!

Our family participated in the Give a Day...Get a Day program through Disneyland. A couple months ago we helped in a service project that the entire family did together. It was a fun service project. We were very excited to use our FREE Disneyland passes, and as soon school was over we hopped in the car and took off to our favorite place on earth.
It was a very fun trip, they always are, but it was 2 day's of NEW stuff for us. We bought a book before hand that tel us where a ton of hidden Mickey's are located around the park. While we were waiting in line or walking over to anther ride, we'd also look in our book for clues. It was a lot of fun. We found over 50 new hidden Mickey's we'd never found before.
Other NEW stuff we did was rides for some of the boys. Gavin had a huge growth spurt and was able to go on several new rides this trip. Even Brig's went on a few newbies too. (The roller coaster in Toon Town...Picture above)

Scott and I took the younger kids to the Play House Disney Show. Brig's and Gavin were in heaven dancing and singing away...But Nathan was enthralled with everything too.

Brigham and I went on the rocket ride for the first time. Well, his first time. My 54th time. (or something like that!)

Gavin's first time on a family favorite ride, the trail ride. i totally forgot the name of it. Darn it! But anyhow, we had to go like 4 times in a row because Gavin loved it so much.

Scott took the 2 babies over to the kiddy rides in Bug's Life area. They had a fun time.

Gavin was also able to go on Soaring over California for the first time. It was fun to have him there. We also found several hidden Mickey's.
We spent a long time on day one over on Tom Sawyer's Island. It had been YEARS since we'd been over there. I think will was a toddler and I was preggers with Jackson. Too long, because we had a blast. So many things for us to do and my boys had a ball.

Yet another wonderful trip to D-land! We sure love that place. Thanks Mickey for the wonderful memories!!