Friday, June 4, 2010

Bridal Shots

Well, this was my first bridal shoot. It was fun. My good friend, Jessica, is getting married in a few weeks and she told me she wasn't planning on getting any bridal shots of herself. Wha? No way girlfriend!! I told her it was a MUST! Now these shots have not yet been photoshopped (we want to antique some and change some up a bit), but I was excited to show some of my work in it's beginning stages. (Especially to you Scott!) She is so naturally beautiful, it wasn't real hard to capture perfect shots. Enjoy!!
Congrats to my good friend Sika! Love you girl!!


Summer Spillane Jordan said...

they turned out so great! you're a pro! so proud of you and all you're doing!

Becca said...

Waht mission are you guys at?

Mamathom and Papathom said...

You DID A GREAT JOB. She is so lucky to have so many pictures. Beautiful girl and beautiful background.