Monday, November 15, 2010

Growth Chart

This is a sweet and funny little story I want to share with you!
Scott and I took the boys to their new doctor's office for their yearly check ups. In the morning, we took the three little boys and in the afternoon, we took the three bigger boys. After the nurse weighs them, measures them and takes their temperature, the doctor comes in to do the next part.
(Side note!!) You know my boys, they're all pretty big kids. Some skinnier than others, but all tall and healthy...right?!
So the doctor goes over the weight/height chart of Gavin with us. 85% in weight and 90% in height. Pretty normal for our family. Next the doctor grabs Brig's chart and studies it for a few seconds and says, "The dot on the charts must not have been entered in". He apologizes and explains he'll add them in....This is the Brig's chart.
Can you find the dot for his weight? For his length?

Hint!! His weight is so high, it's in his length. His length is almost off the page, literally!
He's always been tall and heavy, but never a fatty. He is solid as a rock. (I think he may have a brick stored in his belly!) All the boys are healthy, all of them received their updated shots, all of them received their flu shot (for the first time ever!!)


Steve said...

AMAZING, he is over 100% of a child. You have 2 children in one. AMAZING!!!

Brynn said...

haha. i still just think this is so funny!