Monday, November 1, 2010

Funny quotes of the holiday weekend...

Man, my kids are a hoot. They come up with the funniest comments. They keep me young and laughing. I sure love these guys!

Yesterday in the midst of Halloween activities Tyler became very upset and told he to tell Jackson to "just stop it!" In a very mad voice. I asked what Jack had done and Tyler's reply was, "He keeps reading my mind!" HA! Apparently Tyler wanted to go to a certain station at the park and Jackson said it out loud and that just ticked Tyler off.

Last night while trick-or-treating (In Utah they trick or treat on Saturday...)We were at Gavin's preschool teacher's house chatting with her and her family. She said we needed to head across the street because then entire family is dressed up as hippie's. I told her we would when we came back down the street. So, later as were then approaching the house Jackson says, "I don't want to go to that house!" After Scott and I asked why he said, "Because that's a house of Hobo's!" Hobos! No, no sweet heart! Hippie's! We told the family and we all laughed our heads off!

One house we went to was totally decked out in Halloween decor. I even walked up to the front door because I wanted to see everything. As we're standing there I see one of the "scary" decorations moving a bit. I kinda jumped back and yelped. The boys immediately looked over at me then to where I was looking. And then that decoration was really no decoration and was a man dressed up and started really moving. All my boys screamed and ran. Jackson started crying.  We then started laughing. It was a FUN night!