Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Happy Sledding!

 Last night there was a HUGE BLIZZARD (well, that what they said was coming, but it was a total disappointment.) It was a little windy, and it snowed a couple of inches. But that's it. Anyhow, the boys didn't have school today and REALLY, REALLY, wanted to go sledding. We piled into the suburban and headed to a local elementary school for the seasons FIRST sledding. It was snowing a little bit, but the boys didn't seem to even notice. They didn't notice that it was like 16-18 degrees out there either! We only stayed an hour, but it was a blast!

The boys even brought their snow board and tried it out for the first time. They did awesome on it. Brig's went down one time, went into a tree, and then went back to the car. Poor little guy! Gavin was a total dare devil, taking a running start and jumping onto the inter tube or sled!