Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Time Out for Women Part 2

Friday Night...Heidi Swinton

She is the author of the new AMAZING book, To The Rescue. A biography about our dear, beloved prophet. Se was an incredible speaker. Her entire talk was solely in regards to President Monson. She spoke about his childhood and referred to him as Tommy. As she retold stories about his teenage years she referred to him at Tom. I will share just a couple of the stories that jumped out at me.

The primary president was in tears one Sunday afternoon right after church was released. Tommy went to her side and asked what was wrong and what he could do to help her out, if anything. She began to express her sadness that the children in primary were too talkative, disruptive, wouldn't listen to the lessons or sing and would get out of their seats too often. She asked him if he would help her and do the opposite of what she had just talked to him about. He promised, with a sincere hug. And she never had a problem in primary again! HA! It was HIM that was the little turkey!

President Monson became Bishop, at the age of 22, in his home ward. That is a feat in itself!

President Monson was over the Iron Curtain area as a General Authority. He worked extremely hard in those rough areas for over 20 years. He single handedly helped aid in the opportunity for missionaries to serve in those areas. AND have members from the Iron Curtain area to leave to serve missions.

In President Monson's journals, he has written in over 20 huge books. Sister Swinton was surprised over and over as she read from those novel journals. She was expecting writings about serving as a bishop, Stake President, Quorum of the 12...But he wrote very little in regards to his service. 90% of his journals were about people. What his brothers and sisters taught him and hoe touched he was when he interacted with so many from all over the world.

Of course there was much, much more. She is a sweet, smart, humble sister. I appreciate her candor and honesty as she spoke to us.

I am so thankful to know a little bit more about President Tomas S. Monson. What a blessing he is in my life and how thankful I am to have him as my latter-day prophet!

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Erin Noel said...

I have been reading his book too and am Loving it!!!