Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Student Coucil

Rosecrest Elementary had Student Council Elections all last week and then the students voted yesterday. Only the 6th graders can run and there were four positions for the boys and four positions for the girls. 16 girls ran and 8 boys ran, Will being one of them. By the end of the week they added a spot for five girls (because there were so many running). On Monday the students running came to school dressed nicely and gave speeches. The 4th, 5th and 6th graders were the only ones that could vote, and they could vote for 4 people. I went in early to help with the tallying of votes, but they were almost done with that project.
Will lost by ONE vote. My heart sunk and I felt saddened for him and his loss. He's the type of kid to take things personally and hard. He's a softy! But I also knew it would be a good lesson for him and our family.
Right after school I attended the monthly PTA meeting. The gal in charge of the Student Council asked the PTA if she should allow one more child in the student body. It's easier to complete the tasks with an even number. She explained that one of the boys had lost by just 1 vote. I sat there and didn't say a thing. I did not was to sway anyone in either direction. After discussing the matter for several minutes they voted on adding one more boy to the group. It was unanimous (besides me...I did not vote) WILL'S IN! YEA!! I was thrilled! He was thrilled! They are having their first meeting this Friday and then on Monday they are missing school to attend a conference at BYU! Congratulations Will!!


Stephanie Shumway (and family) said...

Ack! words! no pictures??!?! you need to treat us like preschoolers when you blog, Lori! tooooo mannnny worrrddddsss.... but I read it anyway :D Yay Will!! soooo, no lesson learned for your family? LOL I'm happy for him- he'll do great! He's a pretty cool kid.

Clarissa B. said...

You are such a GOOD Mom!! I love to read your blog for parenting advice. I bet that was hard to not say anything (or maybe really easy!) I am so happy for Will!

PS. How do you do it all? 6 Boys and you still have time to be in a PTA? You seriously ROCK! I hope I am that cool (and good!) of a Mom!