Monday, November 15, 2010

Projected Heights for the Thompson Boys

Scott found this AWESOME site that predicts heights of your children. We also knew we would have pretty tall boys, kind of obvious. We heard when your child is two you can take their height and times it by two and that's the projected height. We (remembered) to do that with a few of the boys, and it's crazy to see how tall they'll be. Wowza! Back to the new site we found....on Baby Center they have a height predictor. Here is what we came up with...

Will is projected to be 6'3"
Jackson 6'4"
Tyler 6'6"
Gavin 6'5"
Brigham 6'8"

Can I shout out WOWZA again, please!?! Holy moly! That is A LOT of Thompson boys, literally! Who knows what their weight will be! My grocery bill is going to be outrageous. I think I need to have a part-time job just to pay for their food intake. Oh how I wish they would stay little...I love babies!