Wednesday, November 3, 2010

"Together We Can"

 The boys are involved in this huge art competition at school. There are several different areas they can submit an entry to. They all drew pictures, they all took a photo and jazzed it up. Will is going to make a video and a comic strip. Jackson is making 3D art and a comic strip. Tyler is writing a poem and making 3D art. The theme this year is "Together We Can". Here are their photos they shot. Will's picture is above. It's Tyler, Jackson and I holding hands. I loved how Will changed the coloring and added the shadow. He did a great job!
 Jackson took this great shot of the fall trees. He too worked in photo shop and boost the coloring of the leaves a bit.
Tyler was originally wanting to get a shot of the brothers playing soccer with each other. While they were playing I noticed Brig's trying to blow this dandelion. Tyler snapped some cute shots. (I think we will make this one a collage of Brig's blowing the dandelion...but I need to read the rules and make sure...)

I am very proud of the boys and the great work they did.

Gavin also drew a picture but I'm not sure if we're going to enter it or not. (I think I may have him draw something else!) He drew this adorable picture of me...with boobies, nursing the baby. It's cute, and honest, but may be a tad TMI!