Monday, November 22, 2010

Time Out for Women

I had the WONDERFUL opportunity to attend Time Out for Women with some WONDERFUL friends from Santa Barbara. I was invited last minute and I am so glad I had the chance to go. It was fun hanging out and chatting with some dear friends of mine. The speakers were incredible. On Friday night was the kick-off and there were 2 speakers and a singer/performer. On Saturday the inspiration continued and I heard 4 other speakers and another musician perform. There were 3,990 women in attendance! I am going to write up a different post about each speaker and their powerful message, and my perception of it.

Friday Night....Sister Virginia Pierce

How to have a "Successful" life

Do YOU see things/people/events like Heavenly Father sees them?
Being patient and diligent= Successful

Get out of the business of competition, and focus on what's eternally important. Each person on earth has been blessed with a mission, a gift, talents and things to offer the world.
Comparison is the fast track to misery. Who cares if she/he is better at singing/drawing/football....Someone will always be better and someone will always not be as good at something. Someone will always be fatter than you, and skinnier than you.
MAYBE he/she is doing EXACTLY what our Father in Heaven has planned for them.

Make sure to properly measure your success. Cannot be measured by others actions. For example...You do all you can, as a mother, to help you child to be smart, play a sport or musical instrument and have a testimony of the gospel. But, at the end of they day it's THEIR life and THEIR decisions. If you do all you can and your child receives an "F", it's not a failure on you.

YOU are responsible for YOUR own success in life. Outward results of YOUR actions. Continue to LOVE regardless of what they do.
We need to continually help to build up the church. BUT it's NOT measured in the amount of hours. It's what each of us can do.
We need to continually RECOGNIZE, RELIE, and ACT on the prompting of the Holy Spirit. Personal Guidance from the Holy Ghost is having a Successful Life. THAT is the single most important skill we can obtain here on earth.
Don't know how? PRACTICE! It is a gift open to ALL of us. We're better at it than we think!
To trust Christ and use His atonement to be more like Him is a successful life. Will you be successful because of Him?? OF COURSE! That's the gift He's offered you (and me!!)

She was wonderful!!