Thursday, July 30, 2009

Losing some teeth!

For a while now Jackson has had several loose teeth. One of the bottom ones fell out and then a few days later the two top ones came out. He looks completely different to me. It's weird. He looks a lot younger too. I don't like anything about wiggly teeth. It totally grosses me out. Maybe it's been one too many scary movies, not sure. I have to leave the area while Scot ts help pull the tooth out. Just typing about it right now is giving me the willy's. Yucky.

One night the tooth fairy forgot to come. It had rained, thundered and there was a lot of lightening that night. She must of got caught in the storm. The next night she remembered and placed a larger amount under Jackson's pillow. She must of felt real bad about it!
Jackson's 2 top teeth were really loose and the boys were wrestling and horsing abound one evening and one of the boys, probably Gavin clocked him in the face and it just came out. That one was a little sore, and it sure bled a lot.


Summer Spillane Jordan said... does make him look totally younger! poor guy! i used to have nightmares that thousands of teeth were falling out at once in my mouth! i'm with ya on the letting someone else deal with them! yuck! it makes me feel bad though cause one of the kids will be so proud and ask if i want to wiggle it and i squirm away! our tooth fairy forgets quite often and the kids have decided the fee is doubled if it's late!

Alissa said...

I get weird about that kinda stuff too..ha ha even reading about it on your blog! I'm with you:) He looks so cute with his toothless grin! Poor tooth fairy, I'm glad she survived the storm! lol! You're too cute!