Monday, July 13, 2009

Cool Pool!

On of the doctor's Scott use to work for invited us over for a BBQ ans to play in their pool. They had it custom made, and it was so much fun! Gavin, Brigham, Scott and I went while the big boys were in Santa Barbara. The Butterfield's are a great family. THANKS for such a wonderful time!

Scott taking Gavin down. Then Brig's. Both boys ended going down the slide by themselves. I even went down several times. It was fast and fun!

After swimming for several hours we had a bbq. Here is Gavin eating his cheese burger over by the playground.

Brigham kept stealing Scott's and taking bites.


Mamathom and Papathom said...

That sounded like so much fun and C O O L. Thanks for the update. Love you

Summer Spillane Jordan said...

i can't believe he's old enough to even be eating hamburgers! he's so cute! love the locks!